OU hoops looking to go from unacceptable to respectable

OU hoops looking to go from unacceptable to respectable

The Todd Pod: Former Sooner Tyler Neal discusses what a Sooner turnaround in year 3 under Porter Moser might look like.

Todd Lisenbee

By Todd Lisenbee

| Nov 6, 2023, 8:35pm CST

Todd Lisenbee

By Todd Lisenbee

Nov 6, 2023, 8:35pm CST

Coming off an under .500 season, Porter Moser and the Oklahoma Sooners have a pivotal season ahead. As is always the case, the season has snuck up on us, and the great football/basketball crossover period begins. My guest is Tyler Neal, co-host of the Franchise Afternoon Show, which can be heard from 3-6 p.m. weekdays on 107.7, The Franchise. Tyler grew up in Oklahoma, played at OU and has followed the program closely the last few years. Here are the things we discussed.

(01:21) Start of the season as a media member vs. player

(03:47) How did last season get away from OU?

(08:16) New faces for 2023-24

(10:51) Otega Oweh

(14:19) Milos Uzan

(17:31) Tyler tries to sell me OU basketball stock

(21:49) OU basketball in the SEC

(22:35) Favorite Bedlam memories

(23:28) Best player Tyler played against at PC West

(24:33) Best player you played against in AAU/college

(26:11) New basketball arena

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Todd Lisenbee is the host of The Todd Pod with Todd Lisenbee on the Sellout Crowd network. He has been a producer/talk show host at WWLS, The Sports Animal and 107.7 The Franchise during a Oklahoma broadcasting career that spans to 2002. Todd has broadcast high school basketball, football and soccer play-by-play since 2003 and is currently the voice of the UCO Bronchos, a role he has been in since 2018. He can be reached at @ToddOnSports on Twitter/X or Instagram or via email at [email protected].

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