Let’s all freak out after the first NFL Sunday

Let’s all freak out after the first NFL Sunday

Todd Lisenbee: With our first NFL Sunday in the books, most fans think their team is either going to win the title or go 0-17. Here's where I landed.

Todd Lisenbee

By Todd Lisenbee

| Sep 11, 2023, 11:47am CDT

Todd Lisenbee

By Todd Lisenbee

Sep 11, 2023, 11:47am CDT

In a rarity for me, I’m not being sarcastic. As a Packers fan, I’m being totally honest. I’m already booking my tickets for (“Hey Siri, where is the Super Bowl played this season?”) Las Vegas. That’s assuming Green Bay can get by the mighty Dallas Cowboys in a match up of two undefeated teams in the NFC Championship. 

The coin flip at the truck stop that determines home-field may be the decider.

In all seriousness, both the Packers and the Cowboys looked good in Week 1. So did Baker and the Bucs and Tyreek and the Dolphins. What is real and what is a mirage when we have only just dusted off the NFL Redzone channel is always up for debate.

With that in mind, I thought I would bust out an old favorite on the Zach McCrite Show that I produced for a few years at The Franchise. Let’s do a NFL Week 1 edition of “Overreaction or Nugget of Truth?”

The Cowboys are the class of the NFC: Dallas looked great in Week 1, and as noted on the NFL preview with Chisholm Holland last week, Dallas’s defense is one of the best in the league, but it was so good last night that the offense didn’t ever really need to get out of first gear. The offense needs to be good on a consistent basis first. Dallas is a playoff team, but I’m still not convinced they can challenge Philly. Conclusion: Overreaction.

Baker is the answer in Tampa Bay:  I don’t think I’m speaking out of turn when I say that the Buccaneers will stay with Baker as long as they remain undefeated, but Baker is going to struggle if Tampa Bay doesn’t run the ball better than it did in a 20-17 Week 1 win over Minnesota. The Bucs ran it 33 times for 73 yards. Just over two yards per carry isn’t a recipe for success. Conclusion: Overreaction.

Tua, Tyreek and the Dolphins will win the AFC East: This summer, Tyreek Hill said that he would have 2,000 yards receiving this season. Many thought that was crazy, but Sunday’s performance against the Chargers made it seem quite doable. The huge caveat on this one is Tua staying healthy, but if he does, I think the Dolphins may have the most explosive offense in the league. Conclusion: Nugget of truth.

The Broncos will finish last in the AFC West: I didn’t have a different former Sooner than Marvin Mims leading the Broncos in receiving on my Week 1 bingo card, but Samaje Perine led Denver with 37 yards on four catches on Sunday. The Broncos lack the high-end receiver talent for Russell Wilson to turn back the clock, and with all due respect to Perine and Javonte Williams, don’t have a good enough run game to lean on in a tough division to compete. Conclusion: Nugget of truth.

We learn a little more each week in the NFL, but until then, I’ll be googling “Best golf courses to play in Vegas” and deciding whether or not I bring the clubs with me in February. Go Pack, Go!


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